Crous-logo-rouen-normandie_RVBWHAT’S THE CROUS?

The Regional Centres for student services (Centres Régionaux des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires) are public utilities of the State created in 1955 and assigned with the mission of improving the students’ life and work conditions, and therefore of allowing the largest number of students to succeed in their higher education studies.

This mission is translated into the organization of essential services such as the catering opened to everyone, and the accommodation assigned to students based on social criteria.

It also appears through financial assistance : the CROUS of Upper-Normandy takes care of the individual financial assistance management (scholarships, study benefits…).

The CROUS gives as well its support to students in the most diverse fields of their everyday life: private accommodation, temporary jobs, social assistance, cultural activities…

The Education Officer (Chancellor of universities) presides the Board of Directors and is assisted by a vice-president student. The Board itself is composed of student and staff representatives chosen for their competence, Presidents or Directors of higher education establishments, and State and Region representatives.


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