Organisation chart



The Board of Directors of each regional centre is chaired by the education officer and is additionally composed of twenty-six members:

  • Seven representatives of the State chosen, among the regional administrations interested in the CROUS activities, by the prefect where the centre is located (on proposal from the education officer)
  • Seven elected student representatives
  • Three staff representatives, of whom two represent the worker staff and one the administrative staff (on proposal from the trade-union organisations representative in the centre’s jurisdiction)
  • Two presidents or directors of higher education institutions appointed by the education officer
  • Four leading figures chosen for their competence by the education officer
  • One representative of the region where the centre’s head-office is located
  • Two representatives of the regional authorities.


The vice-president of the Board of Directors is elected by the administrators among the 7 tenured members representing the students.

  • He is enrolled in a two years renewable mandate.
  • He is permanently linked to the CROUS management but is not manager. He is administrator of the CROUS and doesn’t have any power on the CROUS staff.
  • He is associated to diverse activities such as the preparation of the Board of Directors, the university development plan or the organization of specific work groups.
  • He participates in the permanent section and is a full member of every committees of the Board of Directors.
  • Besides, the vice-president has to preside the “culture actions” commission.


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