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Since 2003, the CROUS and CNOUS network has become partner of the « Envie d’Agir » plan of the Ministry for the Youth, National Education, Higher Education and Research. Funds for the support of student initiatives and actions complete from now on the plan of help to actual cultural projects.
In order to get a co-financing from the “Cultural funds”, the projects have to be creation in artistic fields: art, cinema, scientific and technical culture, living art, music, multimedia, photography, literature…
The “ActionS” projects focus on the themes of the commitment: civic rights, solidarity, sport environment, humanitarian work, economics. All the projects of animation of the CROUS structures and campuses (restaurants, halls of residence, cafeterias…) are also concerned.

You can download the application right here.

Commission ROUEN – EVREUX – LE HAVRE : Chantal JOSEPH : 02 32 08 50 07 – or


A Culture or ActionS project has to be presented by a student registered in a higher education establishment, by a group of students or by a student association in order to benefit from a financial assistance.
Projects that are parts of the student course, or already made, the simple creation or the functioning of an association doesn’t enter into the Culture ActionS program. The same happens with school shows, the identical renewal of an action or the activities only athletic.
Furthermore, the project has to be supported by other public or private partners (material or financial help). The recipients of a Culture-ActionS co-financing commit to bring the CROUS logo out on the project itself and on every communication medium covering the project promotion.

Download the brochure right here.


Contact the cultural of your CROUS, she will give you some advise about the organization of your project, the making of the application, the possible sponsors and will let you know the meeting dates of the regional commission that selects the projects. The files must be collected at the social service of the CROUS.
Meet the cultural representative who will assess the feasibility of the file and will help you with the procedures. Be ready to orally present your project in front of the regional commission’s members

The files must be given 10 days prior the commission date by email:, directly at the cultural service (3rd floor, 3 rue d’herbouville – on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 9.30am to 5.30pm). Late files will be refused!


The regional commission of the CROUS of Upper-Normandy gathers three times a year (middle of February, April and November) to look at the files, select the projects and set the sum of the CROUS co-financing. The projects are selected according to their quality of originality, innovation, feasibility and consequences, especially in the student environment. If the project isn’t carried out, the grant will have to be refund.


Every year, a national commission organized by the CNOUS give prizes to the best projects financed by the CROUS.


We also offer you to discover the projects of students registered in the regional authority of Rouen done or ongoing.


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