Health of the students

Even when we are in good shape, it is important to have a health insurance because diseases are often unpredictable! That is why the student social security exists as well as specific helps when your budget does not allow you to take out an additional healthcare cover.

THE ACTORS who intervene in the management of repayments COMPULSORY STUDENT HEALTHCARE SYSTEM
LMDE / Mutual organizations affiliated to the USEM Their mission is to insure the repayment of the compulsory part and pay off 15.10 € (1 € stays at your expense) Insure the repayment of the additional 6.90 € if you have taken out a contract
with a student mutual society.
Other mutual organizations and additional healthcare bodies (provident institution, insurances) Do not cover the compulsory part Insure the repayment of the additional 6.90€ if you have taken out a contract with these bodies or if you are already covered by these bodies (your parents, an employer…)* Except particular cases of contracts (contract « non responsables)

* example for a 23€ consultation with your attending physician

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