General awarding conditions of a higher education scholarship


The students must be less than 28 on the 1st of September of the university year when they first apply. The age limit can be changed in case of an extended civic service, army voluntary service or civil voluntary service. The age limit is also extended of one year per raised child. From the age of 28, the students can not stop their studies if they want to keep getting a scholarship. There is no age limit for the students suffering from a disability recognized by the Commission for the Rights and the Autonomy of Disabled Persons (CDAPH in French).


The candidate has to show proof of the possession of the “Baccalaureate” or of an “accepted diploma” as an equivalence or exemption. This condition is not required for the granting of a scholarship during the student’s admission to a second year in higher education.


The financial assistance based on social criteria from the Department of Higher Education and Research are reserved for:

  • French students
  • Andorran students who followed a French school curriculum
  • Foreign students who have the nationality from one of the European Union State members or from another State being part of the European Economic Area or from the Swiss Confederation, and upon condition that they are concerned by at least one of the following criteria:
    – previously had a full or part-time job in France. The activity has to be real and effective and must have been practised as an employee or self-employee
    – prove that one of the parents or guardians received an income in France.
    – testify a certain degree of integration in the French society. The degree of integration is assessed in particular by the length of the stay (at least one year), by the school years taken in France or even by the familial links in France. This condition isn’t required if the student proves a 5 years uninterrupted settled residence in France.
  • Foreign students who have a refugee or stateless status recognized by the French Office for the right of asylum (Office français de protection des réfugiés et apatrides).
  • Foreign students who have been living in France for at least 2 years and whose tax household (mother, father or guardian) has been located in France for at least two years.


In order to be eligible for a higher education scholarship based on social criteria, the student has to be enrolled in an initial training authorized to welcome scholarship holders in France or in a State member of the Europe Council, in a public or private education establishment. Besides, the student has to take full-time higher education studies coming under the competence of the Department in charge of the higher education.

Watch out: the students in IFSI (Nursing school), in social worker, caseworker and physiotherapy schools, etc. report to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Therefore, they have to contact the Regional council or their university to obtain a scholarship. The students in ISAB (Polytechnic school of LaSalle Beauvais), agricultural colleges, veterinary schools… have to speak to the Ministry of Agriculture. However they can apply for an accommodation through the DSE.


The resources taken into consideration are mostly the tax income appearing on the family’s tax notice including, if/where required, the income received aboard. The resources taken into account are the ones from 2012 for the 2014-2015 university year, with some exceptions, as well as the charges of the student and his or her family.


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