Other financial aids


The « mobility » passport is funded by the Ministry of Overseas Department and helps paying one round trip per university year for the students who originally come from overseas and who study in the city, overseas or in the European Union in a course locally nonexistent or full.

The management of this plan has been transferred to LADOM (the Overseas Agency for the Mobility) since the 1st of June 2010. Therefore you have to directly ask LADOM to create and renew your file.



Benefits can be given to the students who are preparing for one or several public service’s competitive exams, especially those who are registered in the Institutes of Preparation to General Administration (IPAG in French) or in the Centers of Preparation to Administration (CPAG in French), or those who commit to follow the same type of preparation through public service’s schools or public employers.

Unemployed people who possess a diploma allowing them to take a public service’s competitive exam of category A or B, and who are preparing for one or several public service’s competitive exams can also benefit from this aid.

The benefits are granted by the prefects as part of a regional quota that is notified every year by the Minister of Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Administration to the regional prefects.

For more information, contact the prefecture of your county (department)

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